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Our Full Men's Health Check covers all essential aspects of your well-being including lifestyle and disease prevention. We provide a thorough testosterone check to ensure your hormonal health is in top shape. We Assess your cardiovascular risk with our detailed evaluation to prevent heart-related issues.

We also offer comprehensive thyroid, prostate and regular fasting blood tests to keep track of your metabolic health. Additionally, our full hormonal panel includes checks for prolactin, sleep apnea and hemochromatosis, ensuring no stone is left unturned in your health assessment. This appointment is conducted by Dr Emmett Byrne or Martin Rourke and the initial appointment takes 1 hour.

With Optiman Clinic, you get the most extensive MOT health check to give you peace of mind and a clear path to optimal health.

Cost: €545

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**patients required to fast for 12 hours prior to appointment

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  • Comprehensive blood count
  • Evaluation of kidney function
  • Assessment of liver function
  • Testing for Vitamin D levels
  • Analysis of inflammatory markers
  • Lipid and cholesterol profile assessment
  • Screening for glucose levels and HbA1C (for diabetes)
  • Thyroid function testing
  • PSA test for men over 40
  • Calculation of BMI and waist circumference
  • Examination of liver function, including early detection of fatty liver signs.
  • Detailed assessment of lipids and cholesterol.
  • Hormone profiling, covering full pituitary and sex hormone profiles for both males and females.
  • Evaluation of insulin sensitivity through HOMA-IR.
  • Screening for Vitamin B12 levels.
  • Testing for cortisol levels.
  • Assessment of uric acid levels.
  • Insulin resistance (Kraft Test)
  • Body composition analysis.
  • Blood pressure measurement.
  • Urinalysis.
  • Referral for Coronary Artery Calcification (CAC) assessment when necessary.
  • Referral is necessary to Consultant Urologist Mr John Sullivan who is a part of the clinic.
  • Tailored diet and exercise programme

Whole Health Focus

Comprehensive and holistic approach to care, keeping men healthy in body and mind.

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