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"Excellent from start to finish. Very simple to book with helpful instructions. Location is easy to get to, parking right outside and the premises is clean and comfortable. Really good consultation before the procedure with Doctor Byrne..."

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Vasectomy Cost

€595 includes pre-vasectomy counselling, procedure,
semen analysis and support.

Dr. Emmett Byrne

Men’s Health Practitioner

Dr. Emmett was trained in the performance of the scalpel-free vasectomy technique by Dr. Doug Stein - the world’s best vasectomist. This training enabled Emmett to set the clinical standards at the world’s highest levels for vasectomy delivery and to date, the clinic has done well over 5,000 vasectomies.

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Vasectomy is a method of permanent contraception for men.
The procedure involves blocking the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles. The traditional technique is to make an incision in the front of the scrotum, to pull the tubes up through the incision, and to cut the tubes.

With the no-scalpel method, the physician makes a small puncture in the front of the scrotum and gently draws the vas tubes through the small puncture.

Using the modern no-scalpel technique, there is much less chance of complications and the patient usually feels much more comfortable.

Note: The Optiman Clinic incorporates Vasectomy Ireland established in 1989 which is the longest established provider of Vasectomies in Ireland.

Over 5,000 Successful Procedures

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